Customize select options – Formatting option text

We all must have faced a challenge of formatting select options, as the specification says the content of option can only be plain text.
Thus we might use jQuery widgets for a custom select.

Recently I faced a challenge working with select/drop-downs that I had to show a tip/help text to the extreme right in an option.  Just for adding few spaces, using a custom select directive or widget didn’t seem to be a good option.

This article talks about making use of angular’s binding mechanism to get a value option with calculated number of spaces added between the option-text & help text.

First thing is to set a limit to the number of characters you can have in the option text, and rest of the logic goes like this:

Add this helper function & a constant to your controller:

const CHAR_LIMIT = 100;
$scope.getComputedText = function(text, help){
var spaces = “”;
var spacesNeeded = CHAR_LIMIT – (text.length + help.length);
for (var idx = 0; idx < spacesNeeded; idx++){
spaces += String.fromCharCode(160);
return text + spaces + help;

Generate your select mark-up like:

<option ng-repeat=”currentOption in availableOptions”>
{{getComputedText(currentOption.text, currentOption.helpText)}}

PS: Doing this called for writing a post, as adding &nbsp; didn’t work. The option value will show &nbsp; s as it is in drop-down, after adding & nbsp;s dynamically based on text length.

String.fromCharCode(160) does the trick.

Happy Coding. 🙂


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